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How business owners and digital creators are building high-value sales pages in one afternoon without any prior experience and how you can do that too

These High converting sales funnel is all you need  to EASILY & QUICKLY set-up a sales funnel that is GUARANTEED to convert and bring in sales – No Matter What You Sell! No Matter the Price and No Matter The Niche!….

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With this high converting Sales Funnel Template bundle

You're just one funnel away from generating hot, ready-to-buy leads


Unless you live under a rock, you’re more than aware that one of the ways to…

build trust with visitors

turn them into customers…

and convert more sales is by using a sales page.

But the hard truth is that 

building a sales page or landing page that brings in quality leads & millions of sales can be a very Daunting Task

especially if you have no prior experience.

That means you’d have to get a good sales page design course…
Spend months studying, practicing, and trying to be a decent sales page designer…

And when you are finally able to design a decent sales page…

…you are then faced with the challenge of performing split tests on your pages to determine what is working and what isn’t.

Not to mention the time you have to spend designing a sales page from scratch every time.

And if you do not want to do the job yourself…

Your next option will be to spend a lot of money hiring a sales page designer, who might take a lot of time delivering the job at the time you want and might not end up giving you the results you seek.

Which all results in wasted time and money.

But what you don’t know is that there is a way to set up high-converting sales pages without going through all that stress.
So here is the secret,


I’d explain what I mean.

You see, after designing sales-spitting pages for hundreds of popular entrepreneurs, I can tell you one thing I learned for free –

If you want to build a sales page that converts sales in large volumes and still have time to do other things for your business…

…then you better stop trying to design from scratch and start using a template.

And this is coming from a recognized full-stack sales page designer who uses templates for almost all his gigs.

This is the reason I can take on multiple gigs, deliver them on time, and still have them pull in massive sales.

If you are reading this, you are likely to fall into any of these three categories

If any of these applies to you, then i have GOOD NEWS for you

Did you know that there is a way to design a high converting sales funnels yourself, in hours instead of days with little or no cost at all and still come out with the best suited funnel to sell out  your products and sevices?

Its really easy now, as ABC

You don’t have to do anything all by yourself again, all you just need to know is focus on creating your product, write your high complelling sales copy (which you still don’t have to do all by yourself because i am giving you 3 high converting sales copy template you can reverse engineer) Then plug and play any of these high converting 10x sales funnel templates and


You are good to go

Hi Awesome Person

My name is Emmanuel Ukairo. I’m a full-stack sales page designer and front-end web designer.

I have designed over 100+ funnels for big names in the industry in the past 2 years.

I’m referring to people like Ronald Nzimora, Joshua Mba, Joy Agbim, Franklin Emmanuel, and the Host of them.

The funnels i have designed have processed multiple millions of naira, and still counting

I want to show you how you can design sales spitting funnels without much hassle. 

Everything has been designed for you with conversion in focus. Just import, customize, and launch.

Here is what Ronald Nzimora (Africa's finest sales and marketing expert) has to say about me

Here is what Franklin Emmanuel has to say

Sales Funnel King, Joshua Mba has this to say

Introducing Done-For-You high converting sales funnel

This template is all you need to set up a high converting sales funnel in any niche, and with speed of light

For Bank Transfers Use Details Below
Pay N5,497 naira to: 0066188833 Access Bank, Emmanuel C. Ukairo Then Send proof of payment to 09064216565 and the Template Bundle will be sent to your email in immedately.
For support call: 08162440277

PS: If you pay using your card, you will have access automatically but if you pay with transfer you will recieve access manually.

Here’s what you get in the 10x Sales Page Template Bundle:

Including:  E-COMMERCE sales pages, Digital product sales pages, VSL pages. Agency sales page, Webinar pages, OPT-IN pages, Coaching offers sales pages, etc.
The best thing about these templates is that they have been tested and optimized, and all you need to do is copy, paste, and focus on filling in the content

I won’t just hand you a bunch of templates and leave you to spend a lot of time figuring out how to use them.
So I will also give you a step-by-step video tutorial on how you can use these templates, and even if you’ve never designed a sales page before, you’d be able to set up your first funnel in 60 minutes.

This section contains all of the plugins required to create or edit any type of sales page for any type of product.

Best part?

This plugins are always updated with the latest version, and you will never have to pay for any of those tools again.

In here, i will show you Powerful sales funnels from top funnel hackers like Russell Brunson, Alex Hormozi, Sabri Suby, Iman Gadzhi etc. 

I willexpose to you

Of course, I’m not leaving you alone. There is a community where you can get to connect with me and others to ask your questions and ask for help.

This community alone is worth hundreds of thousands because the value, help, and support you get from this community is massive.

I’m not done yet

Here are the Bonuses you will get

This Contains Tested, tried, and highly successful sales copy of all time ever written by Copy Legends like David Ogilvy, John Caples, Robert Collier, Gary Halbert, Eugene Schwartz. and many others
Value – N15,000 FREE
I will walk you through how to successfully register a webhosting that will be reliable and not give you issues.
Value – N10,000 FREE
You get to show me your funnel after you are done so i can review and make sure everything is great and good to go.
Value – N10,000 FREE

A complete step by step program that will take you by the hand, and show you everything you need to become a full stack profitable sales funnel builder.

Value – N50,000 80% off

So now that you know what you’re going to get in this 10x sales page template and how it can change your business for the better, you might be wondering how much this template is going to cost you.

And in a minute, I will tell you, but before I do, I need you to know something.

It is important that you see this as an investment in your business rather than an expense.

You are getting a product that will not only save you time and energy but also save you from spending money on immature sales page designers and running ads to a page that may not convert, which is also a waste of money.

And while you think about that, also think of how much money you will be making every week by using sales pages that have brought in multiple millions in sales.

And the best part?
The price I am asking of you is nothing compared to what you will be making as a result of using just one of my sales page templates.

Now with that being said, let’s talk about how much you’re going to be investing in the 10x sales page template bundle.

Before Then let me show you everything you will getting plus what it will cost you

Total Value: N845,000
Regular price: $27 or N30,000
Today Only $3.68 or N5,497

Here Are Some Examples of Funnels That Are Included In The Done-for-you Template Bundle!


If you are not 100% satisfied, neither am i

I get to buy materials online just like you. I understand the risk you feel especially when it comes to spend your hard earned money. You dont want to waste money on irrelevant things.

But One thing i assure you is that you will get 100% value for the investment you made. When you use any of these templates, you will be thrilled at your results.

While i can guarantee you will become a millionaire over night, but my 100% guarantee is that these templates you make you alot of money, and will save you time and stress.

Total Value: N845,000
Regular price: $27 or N30,000
Today Only $3.68 or N5,497

Frequently Asked

I have alot of internet entrpreneur that flood my Dm regularly that needs a high converting sales funnels design but cannot afford my services. This is my way of giving support 

This is not just some random google searched funnel, it took me 190 days to craft this funnels, using my experience. The structure also carries rudiments of highly successful sales funnels

one hundred percent.. You can repurpose any template to suit what you want to design in any niche of your choice.

This is not just some random google searched funnel, it took me 190 days to craft this funnels, using my experience. The structure also carries rudiments of highly successful sales funnels

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